Fruit Brandy, Geist

Many types of fruit like cherries, pears, apples, plums etc. are mashed and are distilled after alcoholic fermentation. The quality of Brandy produced depends largely on the quality of the fruit used.

Berry fruits on the other hand are usually macerated with alcohol and then distilled because the sugar content of these fruits is too low to be fermented. These distillates are called Geist.


We have a wide assortment of black forest fruit Brandy constantly in stock. Through many years of cooperation with distilleries from the Black Forest, we can offer you almost any distillate or distill special distillates according to your specifications.

In addition to the local fruit Brandy, we also offer foreign qualities for example Calvados (apple brandy from Normandy) or Marillenbrand (apricot brandy) from Austria.