Whisk(e)y, Bourbon

The most important raw material for manufacturing Whiskey is grain. Malted or not, over peat fires or air-dried or cooked corn, as in the Bourbon. After germination of the grain it is dried by hot air or in the smoke of an open fire. The amount of peat added to the fire produces a more or less smoky malt. Even the preparation of the grain, before it is processed into the mash, has a decisive impact on the later taste of the Whisk(e)y.


Malt Whisk(e)ys are usually batch distilled in Pot Stills, while Grain Whisky’s, and often  Bourbons  are typically  distilled in Continuous Column Stills. According to the European Spirits Regulation, Whisky from Europe must be stored in wooden casks for at least 3 years after distillation. For the American Bourbon, however, at least two-year storage is required.


We are authorized merchants for bulk Whisky from Scotland and have a diverse range of qualities also from other countries of origin in our warehouse. Together with you, we are delighted to develop your personal Blend of Grain and Malt Whiskey.

Through our long-standing partnerships with selected distilleries we also look to fulfill special requests for long ripened Whisk(e)ys.