Rum, Caçacha, Arrack

Sugarcane is grown in many regions of the world.  This diversity is also reflected in the different qualities of rum.  Rum is made either from fermented molasses or from fermented sugarcane juice, which is the case at Caçacha or Rhum Agricole.  Additionally Arrack, “the Indonesian Rum” uses fermented rice as an ingredient in production.


The intensity in the aroma of the Rum is significantly influenced by the fermentation and distillation methods used. While light rums (neutral aroma) are usually distilled in Column Stills, heavy rums (very intense aroma) are distilled in Pot Stills, in which separate batches are distilled. Furthermore, the richness of the aroma is decisively influenced by aging. 


Our many years of experience and contact with the distilleries ensure that customer requirements of quality and quantity are met. We hold a variety of rums from different countries in various qualities and alcohol strengths in permanent stock.   In partnership with you, we will find the right Rum for your purpose of application whether as an original distillate or as a blend.